Why wall putty application is necessary?

wall puttyWall putty is something which can be mixed with wall plaster when plasters are applied to the walls of a particular construction. This is because this wall putty is a material which is water resistant, and thus, it saves the walls from getting damped when it comes in contact with water or in a heavy moisture situation. This is applied as a protection before the paints are applied on a wall. As a result; when paint is done on walls after the wall putty is applied, it does not flake off when it comes in contact with water and thus becomes more durable. One can always ensure a long life to the good quality paints that they use on walls by applying wall putty before.

  • There are many wall putty companies in India which ensure a very good care of wall putty which when applied on walls, can form a thick layer of coats at least 15 mm thicker; and thus the unevenness on the walls, which can happen by using plasters on walls can be removed easily and an evenness can be brought on the walls. The effect after the application of paint after the use of wall putty thus becomes very easy task as one can get a very even and perfect finish after doing that. It is mainly recommended that applying at least two coats of wall putty after plastering the wall is necessary. After this, when the paint is applied, it becomes a leveled wall and not a single unevenness is found.
  • Wall putties are always easy on pockets. One may think, this is a very expensive thing but it is actually not. After the wall putty is done on walls, one does not need to apply paint primers on them before the painting is applied. That is why; it is actually highly economical. In fact, wall putty actually leads to less paint consumption, which means amount of paint needed on a wall putty applied wall is much lesser than the amount of paints needed for the only plastered walls. The paint applications are definitely smoother in the former case, and it is more durable as they do not absorb much water and fall off due to bad weather conditions like heavy rains. It thus actually saves money.
  • One can use wall putty for both exterior and interior walls of any construction. In fact, it is more needed in case of exterior walls as they are always exposed to bad weathers and heavy rains. So, they have a chance to get damped faster than the interior walls. They may also face minor cracks or crevices, which can be clearly avoided by using wall putty. In case of interior walls, wall putty is necessary so that even if damp occurs, it cannot seep in to the interior walls.

These are the basic advantages of a wall putty, and thus, one should definitely apply them on walls in any kind of constructions to avoid later hazards and give your home or office walls a longer life.

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