Which colour to paint your walls?

The colours of a room can make the place look beautiful or dull. The wall colour is a very important factor that can make or break the aesthetic appearance of a building. Certain colours are appealing while certain colours are unattractive. Each colour creates a different mood and gives the place a personality of itself.


Here are colours and their significance when used on the walls –

  • If you are not sure whether the colours you have chosen will suite your walls, you can experiment in a smaller way by painting the walls of your bathrooms first. This way, you will know the actual feeling of how the colour looks on the walls. If it is good, you can use it on the rest of the walls of your building.
  • The colour you choose must also create the desired mood inside the room that you want. When you are painting a bed room, the colour should create the feeling of rest and peace. It should be soothing to the eyes and relaxing. Do not go for gaudy and glittery dark shades. For a bed room, peach, white, cream, egg shell and other light colours are good. If you want the mood to be passionate, then you can opt for the red colour. Cool and neutral shades are the best.
  • The living room must be bright and lively. You can go for colours such as white, blue, yellow and green. These colours are vibrant and fun.
  • For the dining room, the feel should be stimulating and social. You can opt for formal colours like green and blue. The idea is to make the space appear warm and full of life.
  • When it comes to the kitchen, it is best to avoid dark colours. Go for neutral shades. You can use contrasting colours to avoid plainness and uniformity.
  • If you are painting the kid’s room, you should make the place look fun and exciting. Go for energetic colours such as pink, purple, blue, and yellow.
  • While painting the walls of a large room, instead of using the same colours on all the sides, you can use a brighter and different hue on one of the walls to make the room look less ordinary. A dull wall can be made interesting with the addition of subtle or vivid visual textures.
  • Layered glazes and metal finishes can add depth to the walls. On one of the four walls in the living room, you can also use metallic colours such as bronze, mica, copper, andantiqued gold or silver.
  • The walls that are interconnected must be painted accordingly. There must be a certain pattern while painting adjacent walls, even if they are not of the same room. This way, there is a flow of colour and nothing will seem out of place.

Though we think that the effects of color are slight, it is rather significant on the psychological thoughts of the people living in the house. Colors can change moods and the liveliness of a space. Hence, choose the colour for your walls carefully.

But whatever colour you decide to paint, do apply wall putty sold by the best wall putty manufacturers in Rajasthan before painting for extra smoothness and shine on walls and plus to save money, as then, less of paint will be used.You can even ask your paintersfor more suggestions.

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