Unique Wood Gazebo Design in Garden

A gazebo is different than a pergola. The main difference lies in the fact that while the pergola is mostly attached to the house a gazebo is a completely free standing structure. A gazebo design generally has a peaked roof and four walls. It is basically a small house in your garden. All gazebo’s may or may not be places for relaxation. Sometimes a gazebo design is made just so that it gives the garden a different look, like for example in a Japanese themed garden a gazebo is made into a temple, while in other homes the owners may just add chairs and make it into a place for relaxation.

Gazebo in Garden_1

Gazebo in Garden_2

Gazebo in Garden_3

Gazebo in Garden_4

Gazebo in Garden_5

Wood Gazebo in Garden_6

Wood Gazebo in Garden_7

Wood Gazebo in Garden_8

Wood Gazebo in Garden_9

Wood Gazebo in Garden_10

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