Types of Readymade Doors in the Market

Readymade doors are the most commonly used doors for domestic purposes as well as in commercial establishments like hotels and stores. Not only are they strong but are extremely good-looking.

Door type

 Readymade doors are available in different types and forms. There are four basic types of readymade doors: Wooden doors, Plastic doors, Iron or Steel doors and Aluminum doors.

Wooden Doors: These are divided into four types: Flush doors, Paneled doors, Glazed doors and Wire gauge doors. Wooden doors are traditional material for homes. They are made easily and can be carved for beauty. They are strong and beautiful.

Flush doors: These are wooden doors used for rooms and interiors of home. The main quality of these doors is that they do not expand or contract according to climatic changes. Thus, they are easy to use, all times of the year. Flush door shutters have semi-solid or solid core set in framework of rails and stiles. They are available in both non-decorative and decorative surfaces. Width of rails and stiles must be between 45mm and 75 mm.

Paneled doors: They are wooden doors with compartments made of glass and veneer. On criterion of good looks, this type of door is superlative. But in the strength criterion, it is a bit weak. These are ideal for homes and museums where the focus is on good looks. The door may have 2 to 10 panels, as per architectural need. Timber for stiles and rails must be same type of seasonal wood.

Glazed doors: Old fashioned types of door are still in trend. They provide safety without compromising in good looks. They are made of glass panels, crafted from wooden stiles and some stylish rails. They are used in hotels, banks, shops, department stores and other commercial buildings to attract customers. They prevent unwanted intrusions.

Wire gauge doors: These doors permit free flow of air and protect from bugs, mosquitoes and other insects. They not only help in good ventilation but also protect home from pests. They are mostly used in canteens, kitchens, refreshment areas, etc. Wire gauge is used in panels instead of wood.

PVC or Plastic Doors: These are mostly used as toilet doors as they are water and termite proof. They can be had in a variety of colors and sizes. They are lightweight, low maintenance and corrosion free. Manufacturing such doors is done in plastic factories.  Nowadays, they are commonly used for a variety of purposes. Best part about this material is its low cost. They are used for commercial and domestic purposes at very cheap cost.

Iron/ Steel Doors: Mostly they are used for hard purposes like garages and commercial establishments. They look good as well as are very durable. But they are subject to corrosion and discoloration, which can be addressed by periodic painting.

Aluminum Doors: They are very durable and highly prized in commercial establishments. Set ups like department stores, banks, hotels, etc. use this type of doors to prevent unwanted intrusion. They are very resistant to changes in weather. They are used to beautify the division between formal and informal areas. They are suitable for homes with modern design. They do not rust and are durable.

These are some major types of readymade doors.

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