The Top Ideas For Outdoor Tiles To Make Your Garden Or Patio Shine

Outside spaces need coverings which help them not only look fantastic but allow them to be used for specific functions.  Therefore you can’t just pick tile materials at random or from what may look good in a magazine. You need to know the basics of each first, so here are the top material ideas for your outdoor tiles.


Slate Makes Slips A Non-Issue

When picking out tile materials natural stone is always one of the best considerations.  However, few prove to be as attractive and make as good outdoor non-slip tiles as slate.  Tiles made from slate can be used on patios where they can make a huge impact with their naturally varying colors.  But it is on steps where they really work amazingly well since their texture helps to prevent slips and falls.

 Travertine Is Always Fancy

Many homeowners are looking to create a luxurious looking outside space. If you like natural stone and something lavish is what you’re after, travertine is a superb choice.  It is one of the top outdoor stone tiles for wet areas like around the swimming pool or jacuzzi since it also happens to resist water very efficiently as well.  For these reasons you will see this material used in very high-end installations of the wealthy and some of the most gorgeous homes and landscapes around the globe.

Porcelain Is A Workhorse On A Budget

While most of us may dream of an outside space covered exclusively in natural stone it may not be in everyone’s budget. A much more affordable option are porcelain outdoor tiles.  These can be just as tough as stone and won’t require any special cleaning or sealing.  There are also many tiles made from porcelain that are manufactured so that they look like real stone which can provide you with the look of stones like slate without having to pay the price.

Rubber For Softness

Sometimes you may need a surface that is designed to function specifically for safety.  If that is the case with you rubber outdoor tiles may be what you are looking for.  This variety is made so that water can pass totally through the tile leaving it as dry as possible on top. And when you combine this with their excellent grip it makes for top-notch slip prevention.  These are also soft so when falls do happen there aren’t any injuries.

Wood Creates Natural Looking Spaces

Standard materials like stone, porcelain, and rubber usually fit the bill for most consumers.  Yet there are some who prefer the look and feel of wood. And yes, there are even wood options.  Typically known as outdoor deck tiles they come in many wood varieties.  Wood options actually interlock so you won’t need a pro to help you install them you can do it on your own and save a bunch of cash.

When planning your patio, stair, or walkway upgrade all of these materials work like a charm.  Be sure to take some time to think about what results you are looking to achieve because the best tile for outdoor use is the type that suits your own personal needs the best.

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