Top 10 Safari Theme Decor ideas

Whenever we give parties or invite people for get-togethers we would like to put in some effort in terms of deciding a theme and designing the party in accordance to that. We would like for people to appreciate the idea behind our effort and enjoy a wild night forgetting all the daily sorrows and annoyance. In several themes we could decide upon, Safari theme is the most difficult and creative one. Now let’s see some the best and creative Safari Theme Ideas Decorate your floors with wild footprints  When you are decorating your floors and adding elements like sand, bushes and trees on your false floors and stuff, also add few footprints to the floor and walls. You can be as creative as you want to be with them. Children and Adults will equally enjoy this kind of detailing and also serve drinks in coconuts and tethered pots rather than usual glasses. Build a cave like structure for children Well, children are the easiest one to distract and their attention span is highly shortlived. To ensure they will have a great time, build up a paper or wooden partition that is temporary and design it with all the colors and carve a cave like structure. Design the insides with minute details and this should be keep them occupied, the whole time.  Put up some innovative signs as welcome boards  When you’re welcoming people to your safari themed parties, let them get the feeling the moment they are going to enter.











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Keep the signboards in such a way that they feel like entering into a wild safari. Just like Tiger zone, Kangaroo crossing and many more. In this way, you can as creative as you can imagine to decorate your house or organize the party in safari themed decorations!

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