Top 10 New Floating Corner Shelves Design

A fresh new change from the clichéd wooden shelves a floating shelf is a shelf that seems to look like it is floating because it is usually hanging from steel bars which are at the bottom of it holding it steady. These floating corner shelves is becoming popular because of their out of this world look. They look like a hanging garden but they are shelves instead and they keep your books safe. Place them on any corner of the use and use them to showcase showpieces or just themselves and they will do justice to both.

Floating Shelves_1

Floating Shelves_2

Floating Shelves_3

Floating Shelves_4

Floating Shelves_5

Floating Shelves_6

Floating Shelves_7

Floating Shelves_8

Floating Shelves_9

Floating Shelves_10

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