Top 10 Indian small house exterior plans and design

In modern times it is hard to find a house in any place around the globe. We are looking to conserve as much as possible for the future generations so the habitable areas around the are shrinking further each day. With the threat of global warming, slowly most of the greatest habitable plains are under bigger threat each day! So how can we decorate and design our house exteriors, that are innovative, eco-friendly, spacious and praise-worthy within the space available to us. The following are the best Modern Indian house exterior that you can take inspiration from.











Garden with Swimming pool Design your house exterior look in such a way that you grow the greens and also enjoy the shades and the environment the best way possible. Let you exterior be very modern with a nicely done swimming pool that is adequate for your use rather than going for too huge one that will be difficult to water and clean daily. Increase and arrange the greens in the nice patterns that you like and see how beautiful and dreamy your house would be.

Make Red your color You can simply paint your house in red and white which makes your house look gorgeous for the onlookers and a pleasant viewing. Also keep it quite contrast with two to three trees and several plants surrounding the pathway into the house. You can design the path way with red tiles and natural looking stones that are smoothened and color coated. Red is also known fir being the sophisticated and romantic color. It is a way, of expressing your love towards the house you built.

Magic Exterior Design You can design your home in such a way that, it looks like you are welcoming yourself into a heavenly abode made of woods and all natural elements. Just give it an unconventional finishing with wooden texture and see how magical you house looks.

These are few of the best designs that we thought you would enjoy and be pleased to implement when you are designing your house. The exterior look of an house is highly important these days and be sure about the perfect look you pick.

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