Top 10 Halloween New Decor ideas for Window

Halloween season is fast approaching and the long holiday season that continues still Christmas. Now how creative and innovative it will be if we decorate our windows for with a Halloween theme that lasts till Christmas? So let’s try the unique style this season with the best Halloween window decor.

Halloween Santa In this decorate your window with the standard christmas lights and let the evil side of beloved Santa Claus unleash in your imagination with gringe Santa making an appearance from your Window. The stickers and the window blinders with Santa and the lighting that supports the idea will be an innovative decoration that you can imagine. Spider Valances Decorate your window with a very white curtains and add the plastic spider webs, rats with dark elves running on them behind them whatever you wish them to do for you. Your imagination is the best tool you can ever wish for and do not shy away thinking about the tradition. Let this be a new tradition that every one will follow.

Ghost of Christmas For this style of Decoration let the elements of Christmas merge with the biggest element of Halloween, Ghosts. Now, use a white paper and paint it with the different types of ghosts, resembling various elements that make for a full on Christmas season feel and bring you into a home that is traditional yet brilliantly spooky. These are the few best ways to decorate your home windows with Halloween window decor for Christmas. These are just indications that how creative you can be this holiday season.











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