Top 10 Faux painting design for living room

Faux painting for living room can be a tricky work at times. The word “faux” in general denotes something which is not natural and has a superficial element associated with it.  This does not mean that the paints made using this style are inferior in its looks and quality. How the artist works and gives the work the final finesses makes faux paintings look either good or bad.  Hence, choosing the person doing your living room painting is a challenging task.  The results of home décor with faux paintings located properly at the right places can change the entire appearance of the home.

Basically these paintings are for decorative purposes. They are used to copy the appearance or look of some other thing or material.  Some of the common materials for which people make faux paintings for are wood, stone or marble.  Use of paints gives the entire home décor an unique out of the box look. Sometimes people use a concrete feel to their living rooms to make it look homely and decent.  This contemporary look is the choice of many. What the painter does is they carefully observe how the real material is made up of. Now using raw materials they simply copy the look and feel of the concrete in the home walls.











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