Top 10 decent screened porch design

For any home, it is important that it feels safe and secure rather than it being some place where you feel irritated with constant intervention of crickets and mosquitoes. These insects with disease carrying capacity also tend to spoil out well-planned evening. However outdoor people we are we do need to take of these things. Especially, when we are building a nice good-looking porch in our backyard or front door, we need to take care of each and everything. We do not want our friends complaining about the constant disturbance and even we do not want to spoil our dinner with the insects. The solution to all this is to build A Screened Porch. How to build a screened porch and how can we engulf it into the design and decoration? Lets see

Plan in advance and avoid construction headaches

Plan your construction time and sight in advance, so that you get the money and material ready in time. Also schedule the timings of the construction well in advance. If you don not plan it well before hand you might have to stop and run around the city for material and workers to complete it in time. Plan your design to be simple and do not complicate it needlessly.

 First build the square platform for the porch to stand

 You don’t have to depend on workers and handyman if you can just follow these steps. Foundation is the most important step for any construction so lay the square platform to support the porch first.

 Then cut away the overhang and siding

 To let the porch stand and have enough space for the walls and roof, cut out the overhangs and siding of your house. Just do that for the space that you have allotted for a screened porch.

 Construct a Jig for the trusses and frame the walls accurately

 Now construct a jig for the trusses and install them first with the help of the wooden platform so that you can have an idea. Then frame the walls accurately with the help of measurements you can take from the jig and the wooden platform

First plumb the walls and then install the trusses

 Plumb and brace the walls accurately with the platform and flush to confirm the strength of the design without letting the construction to collapse on its foot. Now install the trusses once you are sure about the platform and the strength of the construction.

Lastly, line up the tie-in framing accurately with the porch and pay attention for the roofing details and then fill in the gable ends. Now, install the screens and screen door. This way you can build a screened porch for your home.











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