Top 10 Creative Chandelier Planting Ideas

Chandeliers are used to make our living room or hallway look more attractive than it already is. And same is the work of chandelier planting. The chandelier planting have been adopted by many in the 21st century and nowadays is extensively used. Chandelier planting is nothing but setting up potted plants in a chandelier holder instead of the usual lights and make it hand from different parts of the house to show off your produce. It does not take up much of the floor space and is also a innovative gardening idea for the quirky youth of the 21st century.

Chandelier Planting_1

Chandelier Planting_2

Chandelier Planting_3

Chandelier Planting_4

Chandelier Planting_5

Chandelier Planting_6

Chandelier Planting_7

Chandelier Planting_8

Chandelier Planting_9

Chandelier Planting_10

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