Top 10 Cool Plantation Style home exterior design

Go full on retro for your home and decorate it in the style that was so popular few decades back, in fact the style was so popular before the American Civil war. But the elegant design makes for the stuff right from the great legends and dreams. The style that I am talking about is known as Plantation Style. We all need some or the other creative ideas to decorate our dream home in the style that all other feel unique and compliment us for our taste and patience. Yes, decorating a home is that painstaking at times. Without further ado let’s see some Plantation Style Home for our inspiration.

Tropical Exterior When you’re planning to build a home, you are mostly concerned about the interiors as well as exteriors. Now, you many divide your rooms in the way to love only when you decide on the exterior look to the fullest. So design your exterior in a Tropical home way. Get some tile flooring, arrange palm trees real or fake around the house, and add seashells, tile roofing, exotic outdoor showers to your home and see the magic for yourself.  

Elevations Build a house as tall as you can imagine. Let all the rooms have balconies and design the space so creatively. Plan them as squares or rectangles and see how beautiful they look once you have finished them. The exterior and spacious interiors are the most helpful features of this design.

Wide Bungalows The good old styled wide bungalows that take us back to the days of our grandmother and grandfather homes. With the wooden flooring and wide-open terrace, also a swimming pool that is so relaxing.

Well, these are just the few of the best designs we thought would help you in deciding the best Plantation style home decorations for your homes.











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