Top 10 Cool Classic balcony design for home

It is always a big test to design our balcony in the unique yet fitting our taste. We want our friends and others to understand our effort and praise us and at times we might just overdo it or under do it. We review and recommend the following best Balcony design.





Green Balcony It is heavenly refreshing to step out into the greens early in the morning. The day just brightens itself with the perfumes released by the boxed plants and flowers. You can also let crawlers like money plant grow around your balcony and give it an artistic look. If you wish too you can also cover the floor of the balcony with an artificial rug of grass to make it your own small garden. Artistic and Simple Well you can go the classic route, by spreading a beautiful rug on the floor of the balcony going with a theme you like and also decorate the walls coinciding with the said theme. You can now add elements like a chair, table or a sofa to sit and enjoy the view while you take a sip of your morning coffee. Mini Bar and Barbeque station We all want to enjoy a good drink after a long day’s work. Why to go around in search for bars all around the city? Rather you can just enjoy the drink on your balcony by setting a mini bar and to top it if you can enjoy a mini barbeque meal whenever you desire. The above are the best ideas that we found interesting, economical and creative for decorating the balcony of home. Use them and enjoy the luxury of a beautiful and useful balcony.






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