Top 10 advantage of eco friendly home

So you are also aware of the big uproar for the eco-friendly products? And wait! Here’s one more — Eco-friendly homes!

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Everyone in the town is talking about it. But what exactly in it is for you?

We’ve jotted down the top 10 reasons so as to why you should take the plunge for a greener  lifestyle. Have a look.

  1. Multiply the worth of your house!

Eco-friendly homes are the growing buzz in the market. And everything in it is to love. From lower utility bills to healthier air to breathe in! Eco-friendly homes use sustainable materials that make your home and the environment a better place.

Whether you go for water-saving showers or splurge on solar panels, you’ll have the needed edge to elevate the price tag for your home.

  1. Maximize your savings!

You will be surprised with the amount of money you can save with just a few small updates. One example is saving energy with just the required size of HVAC systems. Another would be installing tightly sealing insulation.

  1. Save money on water bills!

If you live in states that impose restrictions on the water-use, then an eco-friendly home can be a blessing to you. Green updates minimize the amount of water needed in a household. This eventually reduce the amount on your water bill.

Switch to a low-flow sprinkler for your yard and have the most affordable and greenest lawn on the block.

  1. Green updates make them more durable!

Eco-friendly use recycled materials and they can last for approximately five times more than the traditional wood decking. And for a bonus, they don’t need to be painted or painted again! Your wallet would thank you for the low maintenance costs.

  1. A better air to breathe in!

According to a survey, the air inside a newly built house is 10 times more polluted than the air outside air. Surprised? The reason behind it – All the toxins slowly sleeping out!

Eco-friendly homes use paints and cleaners that are low in volatile organic compounds. This reduces the exposure to a known carcinogen — formaldehyde. So breathe in a fresher and healthier air with a simple green update!

  1. Do more in less time!

A cleaner air increases your productivity. Yes, you heard us right! Poor indoor air quality affects your brain and overall health. So there’s one more and probably the best reason to go green!

  1. A greener house = Less construction waste!

Eco-friendly construction also focuses on minimizing the building waste and reusing materials. Reusing materials is easy on the pocket and give your home some personality.

  1. Preserve your surroundings with a greener home!

An eco-friendly home is more than just a few solar panels. Green homes pay attention to its surroundings and pose the smallest possible impact.

Work with the land rather than against it!

  1. Specifically designed to be adaptable!

    The typical open spaces layout of a green house is easy to rearrange and remodel. So no hassle for turning your pool table dedicated room for a playpen!

  2. Top priority — Conserving resources!

Look for renewable materials that pose the minimal impacts on the environment. Use antiques in your home to build something creative. Using the minimum resources is easy on your pocket and also save the environment.

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