Too many ways to reshape the garden. Find the best one.

For the beginning of the new season – make sure to prepare your garden for a good long season and in such a way that it could make the season much more beautiful. This means a complete reshaping of the garden or just a couple little changes that can change the entire look of your garden. Each of these two approaches has its own unique advantages and to pick up the best one or a combination of the two, is sometimes quite challenging. Yet that’s the favorite challenge of all the gardeners and let’s get started with the choice of the best time for this challenge.

reshape the garden

The springtime is definitely the most favorite moment to consider, because with the first warm days of the spring – the air temperature rises, the days become longer and the work in the garden provides much more benefits. The springtime is the best season for planting, especially if it is a part of your regular garden maintenance activities. Even if you plant in the very beginning of the spring – you can take advantage of a double-season harvest. Or else, consider the late autumn as another recommended season for a reshape of the garden, thanks to the still warm days and quite less gardening activities after harvest. You will have more time for rethinking the new landscape and it would be much easier to reshape it when everything is easily accessible without plants or at least with not that much plants like in the mid-summer.

reshape garden

Take into account what you exactly want to reshape and what you will keep the same as the previous season. The small adjustments, repairs and changes are easier and you can do everything by yourself, but for the big and overwhelming tasks – maybe a better idea is to trust the professional garden design services. Call the professional gardeners to discuss the details, your plans and expectations, and do it in advance, which will give you plenty of time to consider and reconsider all that you want to do with the new layout of the garden. There are two main approaches: one – making only small changes and two – a complete reshaping of the garden landscaping.

1) Ideas for small reshapes and changes:

– Clean the porch, the deck, the trails and all the walkways. Simple tools like a rake, a shovel and something else for leaf collection should do the perfect job.

– Change the locations of the pots or of all the plants that can go to another place. If you have a number of hanging baskets on the walls – just a few reorganizations can make the garden to look differently.

– Put some rocks along the edges of the lawn or just sprinkle tiny pebbles all around the walks.

2) Ideas for big changes and reshapes:

– Plant contrasting flowers on the front perspective and lush green bushes on the back to create a much greater sense of depth and attraction that one gets from just walking through the garden.

– Make hills and ramps out of soil and rocks. Such a big change of the layout can make your garden really look like new and it will provide a new layout for planting.

– Call the professionals for some lawn restoration and repair. There is nothing more visually pleasing in a big outdoor garden, than a big rejuvenated lawn.

– Construct big objects in the garden like a decorative fish pool with a fountain or a small waterfall, or construct a pool with ramp, or a new playground.

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