Things to remember when hiring a house cleaning service

Let’s face it, no one likes cleaning the house, though a lot of us love to keep a tidy and welcoming home. You’re probably already busy with your work and family needs, and when there’s simply too many other things you need to take care of, you may find yourself in need of professional cleaners. Like any business, domestic cleaning is competitive, and with the massive amount of companies in your area all claiming to be the best, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right service for you. Here are a few points to consider when you’re browsing different house cleaning companies.

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      First of all, take a thorough look around your house and determine which areas are in most need of cleaning. Do you want your service to take care of your laundry and windows as well as your carpets and surfaces, or maybe you have pieces of specialist machinery or valuable antiques you’re worried about. Once you’ve figured out what specific requirements you need from your cleaning service, it will become much easier to narrow down your list of potential choices. Once that’s out of the way, you should start asking people you know for referrals. Very few businesses will give you a totally honest picture of their products and services, and getting feedback from word of mouth can be very valuable in the long run. Even if you get a completely golden referral, make sure to check their details before calling them up, as unbeknownst to the friend who tipped you off they may not have insurance. If there are any accidental damages, or even worse theft during the cleaning process, you’ll end up having to pick up the bill if the trustworthy cleaning company you hire isn’t insured. If you find any companies like this in your list of candidates, cross them out immediately.

If you want a little extra security once you’ve narrowed your possible choices down, call up the remaining candidates and ask what kind of background checks they exercise on their workers. Check if they’re legal residents, and haven’t committed any crimes. Remember that these are people you’re going to leave unsupervised in your home for an extended period of time, so a little extra research into each firm can save you incalculable stress and money. After all this rigorous testing, you should have narrowed your search down to around three or four cleaning companies. Ask each of these for a free consultation, which will involve a representative from the company coming to your property and being shown around all the areas you want cleaned. Any company that won’t provide you with a free consultation should also be struck from your list, as any truly professional cleaners will want to know every detail about the job before starting.

Once you’ve been presented with quotes, you’ll be able to start considering the financial side of your house clean. You should try to go with a company that offers you a fixed, no-hidden-fees figure, rather than an hourly rate. While low hourly rates can often be very appealing, there’s always a risk of the cleaners working especially slowly in order to collect more money at the end of the day. Whether they have a flat fee or not, you should never choose a cleaning company simply because they’re the cheapest option. If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so investigate every service you find thoroughly through impartial resources such as yelp. Finally, if you like to be particularly eco-friendly, make sure you ask after the kinds of chemicals and equipment your candidates use.

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