The easiest gardening tips that all the gardeners always use


1) Apply the modular gardening schema for saving space, time and most of all – for a complete transformation of the yet typical walls in your house into natural masterpieces. This composition will make your wall beautiful and will save much more from the important floor area.

2) Combine veggies in one pot when planting as a decoration. There are plenty of recommended combinations, such as tomatoes with onions and carrots, or potatoes with peas and beans, all in one pot.

3) Use only good-quality seeds. They ensure the optimal growing rate and are more sustainable to a number of issues like from the soil, from the air and from pesticides. The good-quality seeds provide more products when it’s time for the harvest too.

4) Label the pots of the starting plants for easier orientation. It depends of numerous factors, such as type of the starting plant, or whether the stem is visible or not. The labels are a very great choice to make all the starting plants visible even if they have no stems or leaves.

5) Hanging decorative baskets on the walls. You will just need your favorite baskets and a little bit of a talent for decoration. Combine flowers with veggies for even more contrasting and colorful results. Plant plenty of herbs and from a different type in one wooden basket to enhance the natural green sensation.

6) Greenhouse gardening. There is no doubt that this is the best way for gardening and growing plants from almost every kind all year round. Make a small greenhouse on the terrace or on the rooftop only with a dozen plants. Or else, spend a couple of months for building a giant greenhouse in the outdoor garden. It will change into a patio, into a deck for relaxation or just into your own lovely place for daydreaming.

7) The early morning is the best moment for harvesting. Then, the lower temperature from the night and the greater humidity of the air provide the best condition for harvesting. Whether it comes to fragrant herbs and flowers or of veggies.

8) Grow in a vertical structure. This is an especially important way of gardening for small home gardens or for urban gardening, when you want to use the outdoor fences and walls instead of the valuable walking routes or the surrounding ground areas.

9) Grow starting plants first. It will ensure healthier and good quality plants throughout the year.

10) Make a special box with a set of gardening tools and materials. A rake, a fork, gloves and ropes are only a couple examples.

11) Use multi-purpose tools for gardening. The smallest ones are especially useful for small home or indoor gardens.

12) Make self-watering pots when planning to leave your garden for a longer time. The pot-in-a-pot idea is great, as well as planting in a bottle with holes, putting bottles in the soil as reservoirs of water, etc.

13) Call the gardening professionals at least once a year. By doing so, you will provide the best maintenance and gardening care services for your garden.

14) Plant exotic plants and fruits always near the south wall. It is usually warmer and offers the closest to the optimal conditions for growing lemons, decorative apples and other fruits.

15) Make a system of pipes to use the rainwater for natural watering. Organize the direction of the flow to a reservoir to collect water.

16) Wrap old pots in bags or put the pots in boxes to change their outlook. This will also mask some common damages on the pots such as scratches or discoloration, loss of texture, and others.


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