Amazing Small Contemporary Luxury Apartment 2016

Small Apartment_1

Project by David James Architects & Associates An apartment is a personal space. A Small Contemporary Apartment can be interestingly designed to give the illusion of a bigger space and creative space. Small apartments are a cozy space and should be painted in warm but lighter shades. An open kitchen with table and chairs can serve the purpose of a dining space without taking an entire room. In the wall cupboards are an interesting option and do not take a lot of spaces. The apartment can have small features like a glass table attached to the wall or beds that have storage trunks beneath them. Ceilings are a great option to explore your creative juices. Wallpapers on ceilings, sleek chandeliers or hanging led lights look great.

Small Apartment_2

Small Apartment_3

Small Apartment_4

Small Apartment_5

Small Apartment_6

Small Apartment_7

Source: homedit

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