Semi Detached House Designs and plan at Singapore

A Semi Detached Home is a type of a dwelling with a pair of identical houses touching each other, each house sharing a thin wall. The houses as seen from the outside make one big house. These are total mirror images of each other. The designs can have the conventional old school slanting roofs or flat roofs. Since both the houses will be identical, symmetrical shapes with clear lines are preferable. Similar trees and bushes can be planted at the same time evenly. The houses are low maintenance as any incurring costs like heating cost or the cooling cost can be divided. Architects : Aamer 

Semi Detached House_1

Semi Detached House_2

Semi Detached House_3

Semi Detached House_4

Semi Detached House_5

Photography Credit by Sanjay Kewlani and Fabian Ong

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