Parisian Apartment Interior : Think Like A Parisian.

Paris, the city of fashion, the fashion capital of the world, thus it is not such a big surprise that Parisian apartments stay true to their nationality and set up their apartments in a very fashionable way.

So if you also want Parisian interior then there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Mix it up – Mix up old and new, traditional and modern fashions.
  • Keep the walls white, in Paris the apartments are somehow always dark so to make them look bright the Parisians use white all over their walls
  • Go vintage
  • Hang a beautiful chandelier

Follow these and you’ll have yourself a Parisian interior.

Parisian Apartment Interior_1

Parisian Apartment Interior_2

Parisian Apartment Interior_3

Parisian Apartment Interior_4

Parisian Apartment Interior_5

Images Source: apartmenttherapy

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