New Multi Task Lamps design for Bedroom

A bedroom is not the place where you just sleep. With the evolution of time our bedroom has also become the place where we rewind, relax, read a book. Thus with our bedroom having so many uses, why should bedroom lamps be far behind. Introducing multi task lamp. These lamps do much more than provide you with light so that you can read your book even after the lights of your bedroom have been turned off.

  • The lamp with an attached shelf, yes they exist and they multi task by being a lamp and a shelf
  • The lamp with a bendy neck, pull it anywhere, twist is however you like according to your needs and they work according to you.
  • The lamp which shows you the time, temperature and date of the day.

Multi Task Lamp_10

Multi Task Lamp_1

Multi Task Lamp_2

Multi Task Lamp_3

Multi Task Lamp_4

Multi Task Lamp_5

Multi Task Lamp_6

Multi Task Lamp_7

Multi Task Lamp_8

Multi Task Lamp_9

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