New Hand painted design for kitchen

Well after installing a great kitchen station, we do need to decide on it’s over all look so that we don’t feel like walking into a kitchen that makes her feel pukish or sad for being a part of our home. We need a paint to give the required finish for our desired kitchen. So what kind of paint can we use? It normally depends upon our choice and eye for colours but it is also necessary to understand the design pattern that goes with the colour. Let’s see some cool Hand painted designs.


 Blue is the colour that gives us the feeling of a belonging. We belong to this very tiny place in the large part of the universe. We do belong in the elaborate design of the Lord above and we do belong with all our shortcomings and irregularities. The sense of beauty that this form of blue colour can be bring is quite amazing.



The element of nature that is nowhere a surprise in our daily life is routine and dullness that we feel with each passing minute. But the difference that a colour like Mercury can bring to this routine life is in the form of exotic beauty that this colour represents. Just watching this everyday works like a soothing therapy for our eyes. 


Teresa’s Green Green is the representation of life. Green means lively and green resembles a healthy environment. So a Green colour design in our kitchen makes you enjoy cooking daily in your own backyard of greens with intricate design details. Colours do represent moods and staring continuously at certain colours do work like a magic on our eyes and brain making us the best person around in our circle. Select the best hand paint that can relax you the moment you enter into the kitchen leaving behind all stress.



Source: pinterest

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