Modern Floating Wall Shelves design for home

Well decorating a home is never an easy task. Hoe much ever planning we do and whatever could be the expenditure we can still feel dejected if the time spent on decoration and innovation doesn’t seem worthy of the effort. To overcome such a situation, we always end up stressed out and exhausted but it is better to go through some of the ideas like Floating Wall Shelves, where however congested or spacious your rooms are you make them look trendy and today, rather than some age old house. This also helps in making our houses look very spacious and attractive in more contemporary style!

Make a Statement

What can we do with a Floating shelf? Well just let the wall make a statement that it belongs to the room of the inhabitant. Let’s say your name could be XYZ, let the XYZ carved out of the shelf material and make a statement!

Elevate Art

You can use the floating shelves to show your penchant with art and decorate the shelves with photographs and artsy paintings and pictures. You can show off your skills as an artist too, if you wish to. With a cream white background imagine the different colored art making a striking impression on the on lookers.

 Save Space while looking Innovative

 Imagine your wall, with floating shelves and a large Television Set to cover the space. How different it would be if you can enjoy your snack while watching a great film or a match and you feel the speakers and PS3s, Video players hanging around it? Just imagine the innovation and give it your own twist!

These are few ideas that help you innovate in decorating your walls and help you show off your style among your friends. Try the innovation today!











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