Modern Contemporary Exterior Patio Furniture design

A patio is an outdoor paved space, an extension of the internal living spaces. They are used for lounging and dining and hence the furniture should be comfortable. Modern Exterior Patio Furniture can be a small pool as an extension with a hammock or beach chairs as the sitting furniture or a lower seating arrangement with throw pillows. An outside heating system with surrounding couches is great for a night gathering.  Three or four sets of small circular tables with chairs and umbrellas give a great vibe. Patios can have a small setting or gardens with earthy and rustic table-chairs. The old school sofas and table work great with designer cushions and table cloths.

Exterior Patio Furniture_1

Exterior Patio Furniture_2

Exterior Patio Furniture_3

Exterior Patio Furniture_4

Exterior Patio Furniture_4

Exterior Patio Furniture_5

Exterior Patio Furniture_6

Exterior Patio Furniture_7

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