Modern Bedding Styles for This Fall

Fall is a beautiful season. Just like the trees are changing colors, saying goodbye to old leaves welcoming new ones, everyone feels the urge to revamp their home and make it fall appropriate.

Mostly, the colors like burgundy, grays, and darker hues are considered as fall shades. They give the entire room a very composed and comfortable look. However, you might struggle with choosing the style for your room and deciphering what will suit your room dimensions.

I have listed down few modern bedding styles for fall to give your house an absolute treat.

Have a look:



You can decorate your room incorporating the cozy and comfortable tribal style bedding which incorporates darker shades, mostly hues of browns and brick reds.

It is defined as ‘earth’ style. In this particular design, the main element you include is wood. You can decorate the room with wooden bows and sticks that will give it a more tribal impact. Also, include lamps in lighter colors to balance out.


This is another very simple yet stunning idea. Decorate your entire room in a simple light color. And add up the borders in dark and vampy colors like burnt orange, black or red. It will look soft, but with a little fall twist. It is an appropriate style for those people who do not prefer very dark colors but still want to add a little spice.



Nothing can make a better autumn room than incorporating earthy tones. Not just autumn, these types of colors are just stunning for all year around. They add very nice warmth to the room. The best way to induce these colors in your room is by Chevron (v-shaped) patterns in a gradient diffused manner.

A room colored in earthy tones, with a fireplace in the corner. How comforting!



It is somewhat similar to the previous style, but the color selection is different. Like the previous one has earthy tones, it includes more vibrant colors. Also, like the previous style makes use of diffused patterns, the galore pattern style has spacing between them.

This makes use of warm yellow, matte blue, and mossy green colors on a white base. It looks very autumnal but is appropriate for spring as well.

It is a very versatile style.



This is very simple but looks very attractive. You do not need to change much in this style, just add a bed sheet with an animal pattern or prints on it.

Choose the one with a white base, and has an animal printed on the front like an elephant or birds. It will look very crisp and catchy. Achieving the look is very simple but has a lot of impact. Just adding a unique bed cover will add a new vibe to the entire environment of the room.


Choose cushions and bed sheets that have strips on them. They look simple but are a great addition to the room. As the design is simple, everyone will love it. Even the people who do not prefect too much art in their room, this is ideal for their liking as well.

Choose navy blue or black and white for this one; the contrast is simple yet soft. Also dark navy is a beautiful shade that goes extremely well with the fall season.


All of you who prefer symmetry and order in the room will enjoy this. Incorporate geometrical shapes in your bedding style. Triangles, different sized rectangles, and squares look attractive as you can include as many colors as you want due to the versatility of shapes without feeling loud.

Make use of earthy tones, mustard yellow and matte browns for this one. It is simple, but a great idea for fall.



If you like more art and decoration to your room, you can make use of this one!

In this design, you combine basic geometrical shapes with curved edges. This will add a floral and fancy impact to the simple design. Choose soft colors for this one to make it look more delicate and decent. Anyone would love and appreciate this one.

Do you have any modern bedding styles idea for this fall? Please, comment below!

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