Maintenance Tips for Tenants


One very important thing you need to remember when being a tenant is that your landlord will be mostly responsible for maintenance; the truth is you will still need to handle some small issues. In other words the landlord will need to clean and maintain the common facilities, but they will also need to take care of repairing and replacing anything that is damaged. There are some areas inside and outside a building that are not always part of the tenant apartments. There are hallways, elevators, laundry rooms, garbage rooms, stairways and more. Keeping ice off the driveways and sidewalk, shoveling snow, keeping the lawns cut and more will often be the responsibility of the landlord. Going back to the tasks of inner maintenance as well as repairs, you should not panic as the rental agreement will explain which tasks will be your responsibility and which ones will need to be handled by the landlord. The law is usually on your side, unless it happens to be a case where your guests damaged something and when you were careless, as then the responsibility will fall on you to pay for repairs and to fix things. If you happened to break something you could make a maintenance request, but first keep a few things in mind:

  • No power in the house

Check out the fuse box first, as there may have been an overload. Check out whether your safety switch has been activated. Resetting it may be necessary to get the job done. You should also check out the appliances as well, as you may have to start the safety switch on your meter box again. If your safety switch clicks then this means you have a problem with one of the appliances that needs to be repaired. Unplug the suspect appliance and see about making sure you have it fixed. If this happened right after an efficient and throughout clearance you may need to check for issues with the electrical work on the house or apartment.

  • No hot water

You would need to check out the hot water system and whether it works right, as well as checking the fuse in your meter box. If the pilot light has gone out, you may need to call in a professional for help. Landlords will have maintenance people working on this in almost all cases, so you can count on them making this work instead. If you have a boiler room filled with too many items, then it may be a good time to work on getting rid of it to free things up through a clearance spree. You may need to have the help of a professional clearance company instead so they can help out with the items if they are too many. This will help make repairs easier in the end.

  • Plumbing issues

Now this is one of the trickier and unpleasant items on the list you may need to deal with. It’s not exactly fun for anyone dealing with it, so you would do well to look for a plumber or to talk to your landlord about the job. If your basement where most of the piping is happens to be full, then you would need to do some clearance once again to free up the piping so you can handle the task.

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