Lisianthus flower planting ideas



Lisianthus flowers are mostly found in South west United States or northern of South America. These flowers are commonly known as Prairie Gentians, Texas Bluebells or Tulip Gentians. These flowers are short lived and tender to touch. Grown in small clumps of robust, they have 18” – 24” of vertical stem. Blue bell-shaped flowers bloom from June to September.

These plants love heat. So their ideal growth condition would be where the nights are hot. These flowers can also grow in a green house. Keep in mind, while growing Lisianthus, it should be planted at the peak of noon or when sun is at the highest.

Lisianthus should have soil type from natural to a little consistency of Alkaline. These flowers need amplewater, so make sure to keep the soil evenly moist at all times. If you feel your Lisianthus stem is getting yellow and new sprouts of green appear at the bottom then you can cut the yellow part as the green stem would grow to bloom flowers. Blooming cycle of Lisianthus can vary from five months to three months.

It is best suggested to grow these flowers from plugs. Plugs are small seedlings which are developed in growth and can be purchasedin disposable plastic trays. Since these flowers are very delicate, it is better to grow them in containers than on ground.

Be watchful of any gnats or fungus as these flowers are susceptible to it. They attack the roots of this flower and damage them quickly. One need not to worry, as you can spray mild pesticide to remove the pests and fungus.

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