Impressive thanksgiving festival decor in home

Autumn is traditionally associated with harvest time, a time to rejoice after much hard work. One of the autumn festivals is the Thanksgiving festival celebrated in the US and Canada. Families come together for a ThanksgiVing meal consisting of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, sweet corns etc. People enjoy American football matches during the Thanksgiving weekend.

The popular autumn festival of Halloween is marked by spooky costume parties, jack-o’-lanterns (monstrous faces carved out of pumpkins) and trick or treating. Children disguise themselves as witches or ghosts to play a trick on unsuspecting neighbours should they refuse a treat!

The Koreans celebrate Chuseok around the autumnal equinox by visiting their native place to pay respects to their ancestors. Traditional fare including rice cakes called songpyeons and rice wines are served on the occasion.

The Germans celebrate the Oktoberfest at Munich each year. The beer festival is said to be the world’s largest with about 7 million people participating in the 17-day festival.








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