Impressive hallway decor ideas for christmas

Hallway is the most important part of our homes and we need to design them as creatively as possible. Why you say? Well, whenever you walk into your home, you need a feeling that you’re entering into a space that belongs to you but not to some place that is just called a home because you own it. Spicing up the design with intricate details and giving it a touch of your own is the success behind a beautiful and elegant looking home that feels like a dream come true. Let’s look at some Hallway Decorating that will help you decide on a kickass looking hallway.

Mirror, Mirror

 Whatever the space available you can make it look spacious by adding a long mirror and some luminous yet simple furniture around it. Well, when you hang a mirror on the wall you are asking people who enter to look at themselves and with some luminous furniture paint, you can make it look more spacious than it is.

 Into the Dark Let your doors and walls be painted with a dark elegant black mixed with red color. While you may feel it will just be too dark in night, add elegant contemporary lamps to the design and see how it would be. You will be entering into a movie set that has been lit specially for you.

 Refreshing Entry Your hallway needs a makeover now and let that makeover be as refreshing as daily morning coffee. Paint the furniture and walls with colors like greens and white. Also introduce a console to make the hallway look more spacious than before and let the imagination take over.

Remember however simple and routine our lives are, it is the knowledge that we will be reaching our home at the end of the day pushes us to work hard and also makes us restless to enter the place. So design it with more love and care than you normally do.







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