Impressive Eco friendly sunroom ideas

Whenever we design our homes, we tend to go for the lavish pollution friendly expensive decorative items that are neither pocket friendly nor environment friendly. As a generation that has inherited an already highly polluted environment, we need to balance the eco system and try to save it for the future generations. In doing so, we would like to help you with a few Eco Friendly Sunroom.

Design Sunroom with outdoors in mind  Do not disturb the surrounding greens and then construct a sunroom. Keep the view in mind and install a south facing sunroom so that you can conserve as much energy as possible with the better wind facility and solar energy.

Install Solar powered Sunrooms This could be costly but think about the cost that our future would have to pay and go for it. Let the complete sunroom be lit by solar power, wind or any other alternative sources rather than the artificial lights that consume lots of energy. Well even if you want the lights, let the supply of energy to these lights be organic and renewable.

Use recycled materials to construct your sunroom

 You can use construction materials like cellulose insulation that is produced by recycled paper and you can install recycled ceramic tiles. By using recycled construction materials from construction waste you will also save your purse. Just be careful in choosing the vendors of these materials.

These are few eco friendly ideas in constructing sunrooms in your homes. Let’s be practical and understanding towards the serious problem that our future generations would face if we don’t start conserving today!








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