How to Transform Your Boring Living Room in 5 Steps?

The living room is a place where we spend most of our daytime, chitchatting, reading or watching TV. It is where we gather with our family to unwind at the end of the day or with our friends when they come over for dinner or coffee. Hence, we should pay special attention to our living room while decorating our home.


Put an effort to make it an inviting room where everybody can relax! But don’t forget, it should be a reflection of your personality! If you are confused about how to design an ideal cozy space, fret not! Here are five fantastic ideas to eliminate dullness and monotony from your living room.

Play with Colors

Were you afraid to step out of your comfort zone while doing the living room décor? If yes, then the chances are that you stuck to a white or another neutral color for the walls and muted tone for everything else in your living room. Hence, the first thing you should do is to think out of the box while deciding a color scheme for the room. Think of your favoritecolors and base your living room theme around those colors.

Keep the overall tone of your room neutral but add pops of color here and there. Having a striking accent wall, bright single sofa or a colourful rug would liven up your space and make it exciting. Get the new curtains to go with your selected shade. In short, everything should be color coordinated to bring the whole look together.

Organize your Room

No one can relax while sitting in a heap of mess! So, firstly get rid of all the papers, books, toys, games or other stuff that does not belong in this room. Remove the old rug or wall art that doesn’t make you happy anymore! Go shopping and get things that you would love to see every day. Eliminating the clutter and reorganizing your room will make you calm and peaceful.  Systemize things to prevent re-cluttering in future.

Furniture Overhaul

After altering the color scheme of your room, next step is changing your furniture. If you don’t want to spend too much, just upholster the old furniture to freshen it up. You can add texture and patterns to your plain and simple room by redoing your curtains, rugs and throw pillows. These soft furnishings would perk up your whole space.

Rearrange your renovated furniture in an entirely new way. TV should never be the central point of your room. Place sofas closer and facing each other to bring together your family and friends so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant conversation and relax together.

Splurge-Worthy Decorating

Always prefer quality over quantity while selecting accessories for your living room, as these accessories reflect your taste and personalize your space. You can opt for unique sculptures and interesting wall art that you love.It’s also nice to dedicate a whole wall to your family photographs to cherish your precious memories. Place beautiful table lampsand dazzling floor lamps in corners to brighten up your room. Add a lovely area rug in the centre of your room to complete the look. Bring nature into your space by adding pretty flowers in delicate vases or a fresh plant near the window. Infact, you can experiment a lot while decorating as all these items are easily replaceable.

Open up the livingroom

The final finishing touch you can add in your living room is placing the mirrors. They not only look sophisticated, they reflect light and also widen your room alot.Including a mirror with an attractive design gives your room a contemporary aura.

But it is extremely important to place the mirror at the right location and height.Nevertheless, the good thing is that mirrors are available in all sizes. If you have a vast space on the wall, fill it up with a large mirror to bring in the natural light. If you have a small space above your console or in the middle of your cabinet, go for single or few small ones.

Following these steps would help you out immensely in designing an ideal living room for yourself. If doing everything at once is hard for you, go slowly, doing one thing at a time until you achieve your desired look.

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