How Good is a Swiss Cottage Tent?

Tents may seem like simple places that act like an abode when you are far away from the comforts of your home. They were mainly designed to keep you away from natural hindrances like rain, sunlight, snow or wind. Earlier tents were very simple. They consisted only of a protecting cover as the roof and some poles and ropes to keep the cover stiff. The tents did not have anything fancy and could not accommodate many things or people. But, today, the designers have come up with the most luxurious tents the Swiss tents are one of them. Swiss tents are a rage all over the world and they are the most sought after in India too.


Swiss cottage tents were basically made for high ranked aristocrats. But, today they are used for camping purposes. They are also used by people in special occasions like weddings, parties and other celebrations to make their guests comfortable in outdoor venues. You can also find these tents in hotels, resorts, lodges, farm houses and base camps.They are an ideal companion for your picnics or adventures. If you are not the one to compromise in your lifestyle, you can enjoy this royal space of your own in the middle of nowhere.

A typical Swiss cottage tent consists of a courtyard, one master bedroom and a bathroom.This is the basic design and there can be alterations like addition of rooms and bathrooms. The Swiss tents are made using premium quality material so that they withstand all the natural phenomenon like wind and rain. They will also have optimum strength to hold the equipment inside the tent. The material will certainly be weather proof and sturdy.

The Swiss cottage tent looks like a small cottage. It is no less than a single bedroom house. The tent will consist of the roof and walls material along with wooden iron pegs, hammer and mallets and a bag to pack the entire tent when you will no longer need it for the time being.

Today, you can also customise the tents in the way you want. You can choose the colours of the tent walls and can also get the interiors designed like you wish. The tent will contain your toiletries, furniture and kitchen items. You can pick what all goes inside the interiors of your tent. Some tents even contain poster beds, television, sofa, mirrors and wardrobes. The luxury that you get in Swiss tents, you will get nowhere.

When you are planning an outdoor event or want to stay outdoors, tents are the most import things that you will need. They serve as a protective shield around you. The posh tents that are manufactured today also provide you with comforts. The decorative tents have all the richness and elegance that you can imagine. The Swiss camping tents can ensure that you have a good time. When you have set up these tents for your guests, even they will be pleased to spend their time inside such beautiful space. That is how beautiful your Swiss cottage tent will be once you get your own customised tent.

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