Five Ways To Get Unique Walls

When performing the art of interior design your primary canvas is going to be the surface of your walls. They are a powerful tool which allows you to set the tone of an area and grants you an unlimited number of ways to flaunt your own form of artistic expression. People often don’t use their walls to their full capacity in their decor and are usually limited to simple coloring or possibly hanging a piece of art or two and typically leaving the room with nothing more than a bland flavor. But just like cleaning companies and the services they offer, walls are also a bonus you should think about. Here’s five ways to avoid making your walls into a lame eyesore.



The decal (aka glorified sticker) trend has increased in popularity at an exponential rate. Their initial appearance on the decor scene was more aimed for children and adolescents due to their ease in applying and their forgiveness if they need to be removed. As of late, the imagery or subject matter of decals that are available have matured to appeal to adult audiences. Just be careful with the placing because you’d have trouble with finding proper household cleaners for the following cleaning job.

Special Effects

The types of wall paints available for home decor has evolved and now have more to offer aside from just color. There are many paint products who’s coats can artificially produce or mimic and manipulate the appearance or surfaces through texture (cracking, grain), material (making the walls to appear to be made from things like stone, metal, etc.), or lighting and reflection (iridescent, pearl, metallic sheens). If repainting, don’t do any home cleaning before the paint dries.


While floors and walls hog most of the attention in decor, the ceiling tends to be very neglected and only acknowledged lighting, fans or other fixtures. Admittedly, ceilings vary and may be not be an ideal surface to work with based on height, material and shape; but most standard ceilings can be employed and be used for decor just efficiently as walls with often a greater impact. Ceilings painted the same color as the walls themselves can give a room a secure feeling, or can act as an alternative accent wall and give the room depth.

Color Scheme

People have definitely built up their confidence and are more bold with the colors they use on their walls. No longer held back and restricted to whites, off whites, neutrals or pastels we now have the freedom to use any of our favorite colors. Here’s another opportunity to make use of an accent wall, but this time using a nontraditional color. We still all too often stay in a safety zone matching colors that have traditionally been paired together like brown/pink, red/gold or sage/lilac. Try something new and unexpected like charcoal/tangerine, teal/burgandy, or any other combination that catches people off guard.


The sins of the wall paper of old made this older design staple nearly go extinct. The tacky imagery and it’s overuse and abuse has scarred the memory of many interior designers which often keeps them from going near it. But newer wall paper has learned the error of the old ways and now sports trendy patterns, textures and colors which makes it an ideal substitute if you want special effects but you’re not feeling up to the challenge by doing it yourself with the paints that were previously mentioned. Wall paper is now also available as murals and can make an entire wall act as the frame for a large piece of art.

wall deco1

And whatever you do, end the whole gig with a full house cleaning to see the full effect of the changes you made. Choose the specific cleaners for everything, or simply get a cleaning company over to get it done quickly and to enjoy it sooner.

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