Five Amazing Décor Ideas for a Mini Kitchen Garden

Are you into micro-gardening like me? Many women with who are passionate about gardening but lack enough space in the urban residential culture are resorting to micro-gardening these days. Micro-gardening is easy to manage and takes up less space (generally, it can be accommodated in your balcony). For vegans and vegetarians who rock their organic food choices with pride, a kitchen garden serves as their fresh meals arsenal! If you’re interested in having your mini kitchen garden or if you already have one, you can utilize these tips to make it even more pretty. Read on the following hacks to find out.

  1. Tier Up

Are you a stacker? I mean, do you use stacking to save up space? I’m assuming that you haven’t tried the technique yet, but if you have, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Stacking or making up tiers involves using up the vertical space in the most helpful manner to ensure that you have enough plants in your mini garden. For example, the roof above your balcony can have some hooks to hang those hanging pots on; which may contain all your favorite herbs without ever using up any space on the ground. Interesting, right?


  1. Narrower the Better

You didn’t think that a small space would be fun to play around with, right? Well, you better think again. Narrow areas are best for planting flowers and herbs etc. All these niches can contain small plastic pots which are perfect for you to plant in some seeds. If you’re placing these in a balcony, plant some climbing plants as well so the wall looks greener. The narrow niches can also be filled in with small cacti; they look adorable. In fact, cacti are my favorite garden décor. A garden gnome here or there would look pretty as well.


  1. Use the Steps!

I’m sure you didn’t think of this, but your mini garden just doesn’t have to rely on the balcony or terrace anymore. The steps outside your home are perfect for stacking up some pots blooming with beautiful flowers and lush green plants. Not just that, you can put heavy pots on the steps that have fruit trees planted in them because steps are structurally stronger and they can hold the weight of heavy containers. And you can plant a climbing part to curl up along the staircase. It would look heavenly.


  1. Adopt Natural Fabric Bags

Are you running out of pots? Or do you need to occasionally put some plants in the sun? For whatever reason you might need to move the plants out of their place, natural fiber bags help a lot when it comes to shifting the plants or if you have to carry a plant with you for longer distances.


  1. A Standing Desk

A standing desk that is height adjustable would serve correctly for a garden. You can lower it and use the vertical space for hanging more plants in hanging planters or even a nifty shoes bags (seriously, whatever floats your boat!). It is all about creativity.

I hope you like the ideas, stay tuned for more.


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