Entrance hall in brick wall design

Centuries ago, there were not options like we do with the surge in modern architects and designers who help us in designing our living rooms with all kinds of fresh and innovative concepts and themes. But lately there is a gravitating change in the taste of many people looking to have creative brick wall designs for room. Keeping up with this latest obsession many architects and interior designers have come up with few brick wall designs. Now let’s visit the best of these designs. Black texture surrounded by white walls Let one wall stand out with a contrast color while you paint others with another color. Well, yes this is about brick wall textures but not painting the walls. Well leave one wall unpainted or paint the brick wall with a color like grey or black and then paint others with white. This contrast will make your living room stand out. Do not paint the bricks If you have already painted or have the bricks covered under the thick layers of concrete and paint, just dig them out and let the natural essence be the flavor of your lighting and adjust the furniture of your living room accordingly. Decorate the exposed brick wall  Decorate the brick wall with a simple graffiti painting or few metallic frames that give a stand out look. You can also paint with one color and let the bricks shine themselves with industrial lighting and furniture that corresponds with the theme. These are the few best ways you can design your living room with a brick wall. Let the natural beauty be the essence of your design without going overboard with the expenses and be creative.







images sources: impressiveinteriordesign

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