Dual Purpose Nursery interior ideas

Nurseries are very delicate things. A nursery is like your child’s bedroom. It is a place where he/she sleeps, where he/she plays, takes their first step etc. But the reason why it is such a delicate room is because before you know it your little darling will have grown into a toddler and will no longer be in need of that nursery. Hence the whole idea of a dual purpose nursery. A dual purpose nursery is a nursery which has been built up in such a way that when your child outgrows the room it can be easily converted into some other room, usually a guest room.

Dual Purpose Nursery_1

Dual Purpose Nursery_2

Dual Purpose Nursery_3

Dual Purpose Nursery_4

Dual Purpose Nursery_5

Dual Purpose Nursery_6

Dual Purpose Nursery_7

Dual Purpose Nursery_8

Dual Purpose Nursery_9

Dual Purpose Nursery_10

Dual Purpose Nursery_11

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