Designing your kitchen the Feng Shui way

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home as it nourishes life. You must design your kitchen to be welcoming so that you enjoy cooking and spending time there. Feng shui principles help you to channel the chi i.e. positive energy in your kitchen. You can alter the movement of chi by having a harmonious balance of 5 primary feng shui elements.The most dominant element in your kitchen is the fire that symbolizes financial resources and prosperity. Follow these feng shuisteps to design a soulful kitchen for your better health, wealth and success.


Kitchen Location

The ideal place for the kitchen is at the back of the home. You should not be able to see the kitchen when you enter the home. The kitchen should not be located under the bathroom or be facing the bathroom door. Moreover, it should not be near the staircase. This is because the energy of the kitchen is opposite to the energy of these areas. Also, avoid building the kitchen near the bedroom door, garage or laundry room.

Kitchen Layout

The kitchen should be designed so that the cook has the empowering position. His back should not be towards the kitchen door as it puts him in a threatening position and promotes negative chi.

There are two dominant elements in the kitchen, i.e., fire and water. Fire is symbolized by stove, oven and microwave, and is part of the dry kitchen. Water is represented by sink, dishwasher, fridge and washing machineand is categorized as the wet kitchen. The perfect layout would not mix these two and keep them isolated. The two groups should never be directly in line or opposite to each other.

Keep your kitchen clutter free

Nothing is more destructivefor the chi than the mess lying around your kitchen. Keep it tidy and clutter free all the time to boost the flow of chi. The counters and stove should be kept cleaned. Don’t let the dishes pile up in the sink. Try to use all the burners equally.

Get rid of useless things from your kitchen, which are broken or outdated. Try to repair the things if you can or replace them. Keep the broom, mop and trash away from the kitchen.

Keep your kitchen well-organized

Kitchen cabinets and drawers should be sorted out properly. Make room for the more utilized stuff in easily reachable spaces. Move the infrequently used things off the counter into the cupboards.Store the food items in appropriate places. Arrange the electronic appliances in proper order. Also, keep your pantry neat and clean. Keep unsafe items such as knives out of sight. Always prefer designs with rounded or curved corners rather than sharp edges

Keep your kitchen well-lit

Light has a significant influence on the energy level of any space. Therefore, the kitchen should be well-lit to create the right ambiance. The natural light should be the primary source during the daytime. For other times, add bright lights on various levels to make it more functional. In additional to ceiling lights, include spotlights over the counters and stove.

Use Warm and Muted Colors

Feng shui recommends using neutral earthy tones in your kitchen such as beige or white. It is best to stay away from dark and deep colorsthat give it a gloomy vibe. Use bright colors sparingly to make it look more vibrant and chic.

Make your kitchen beautiful

Placing lush green plants or beautiful fresh flowers can uplift the kitchen. Displaying the fresh fruits contributes in increasing the positive chi.Grow a mini garden in your kitchen window by planting herbs in small pots.Hang pictures of food on your walls to promote health and wealth. Place mirrors near the stove or eating area to show an abundance of food. If you have enough space, put a table to prepare food and to enjoy meals with your family.

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This article was written by Sadia Suhail. She loves interior designing, home décor and DIY projects. She recently wrote a comprehensive guide on Feng Shui.

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