Delightful Bathroom Paneling Ideas

Bathrooms have become such places where we can unwind and find “Me” time in our stressful daily lives. We almost forget to talk to ourselves and understand what the real us need in the life. We tend wear a pretentious mask around everyone as per the social decorum and then try to not show our frustration over the highly irritating people around us and avoid awkward conversations. It is Bathrooms that help us to get our daily spa like treatment and give us strength to fight the odds. So here are few Delightful Bathroom Paneling Ideas for you to design your bathroom according to your needs. Before we dwell into the idea of how much you should panel and how well you can achieve that, let’s look at the materials that we can use, the materials we can use for wall paneling are:

PVC Panels

PVC panels are the most durable and preferred material. They are mold resistant and extremely easy to install and light in weight. They come in different colors and patterns as well. They are also non resistant to bathroom cleaning agents like bleaching powder.

 Wooden Panels

 Wood is the next best material that is widely preferred after PVC. They give an easy exotic look for the bathroom and lift our mood whenever we step in to one. We need to be very careful in selecting the finest quality of wood that is heat, steam and moisture resistant.

Natural Stone Panels

 Natural stone or marble panels are the most costly of all the available materials. But they give out an exotic and elegant finish to the bathroom wall.

 Ceramic Panels

 Ceramic panels are widely installed in many households with budget constraints. They are highly contemporary and good in design finish too.

 After the selection of materials we do need guidance on how much and how well we can design our walls for our comfort satisfying our artistic need.





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