Cool Homemade Butterfly Feeder Design

Be it humans or animals or even butterflies the best way to attract any living thing is by food. And thus with the number of butterflies decreasing day by day, it won’t be a surprise if one wants some of them to flock their garden. But caging butterflies is not an option so the natural way to bring butterflies all the way up to your garden is by using a homemade butterfly feeder. And a homemade butterfly feeder design is simple. One just needs sturdy string, a sponge, knife and a whole lot of creativity. Use wine jars or mason jars and hang them upside down using the strings to use as butterfly feeders. Do not be monotonous and even creatively transform the string as well, attach DIY flowers to it to make it look more attractive to the butterflies.

Butterfly Feeder box_1

Butterfly Feeder box_2

Butterfly Feeder box_5

Butterfly Feeder box_6

Butterfly Feeder box_7

Butterfly Feeder box_8

Butterfly Feeder box_9

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