Benefits of Extending Instead of Moving

More often than not, most of us feel the need to create more living spaces due to the change in lifestyle or an increase in family members. When such situations come up, we often face the confusion of whether to move to a house that can fulfill our desires or expand our current living spaces. If you are one of those willing to extend your living space but aren’t sure of that decision, read through below and learn some of the benefits that come along with a house extension in London.

  1. Cost effective 

One of the major advantages of extending your apartment is that you are likely to save more than when you opt to move to a bigger house. In most cases when you sum up the overall costs of moving to a bigger house, that is the cost of hiring movers and the costs of buying the house that suits your family better, these costs are always more as compared to those of buying more material to extend your house. So, if you would like to save more and still live in a house that accommodates your family and property better, the best option to take is to extend your current property.

  1. Design control 

The best part of a house extension in London is that you already have the control of the current space and that you already are aware of its design and shape. On the other hand, when buying a new home, you are likely to come across a house that doesn’t make you happy based on its design. Making changes to such property may sound more complicated. However, by extending the house that you already planned from the beginning is easier. If you need to alter the design of your current house, it is straightforward as you know where to get the various supplies needed to match the current design.

  1. Value addition 

Another benefit that accrues with extending your house is that it raises the value of your property. With a house that contains bigger and more rooms the higher the price of the house when you plan to sell it. So, by extending your apartment not only do you create more space for your loved ones but you also create an investment that will bear fruits when you plan to sell your property.

  1. Contract control 

With a house extensions in London, you can be sure to have more peace of mind than when buying a new one. In most cases, finding the house of your dreams can make you pass through a lot of distress. You have to engage as many parties as you can, so as to have a variety of houses to choose from to enable you to get that house that pleases you. However, with a plan to extend your building, you do not have to pass through all this stress as you can use your contractor to help in the building. Besides, you do not have to engage a lot of parties some of which you can’t even trust.

  1. Local amenities 

Extending your house has a lot of benefits on your social life, considering that some of us get attracted to our current places as a result of easier access to local amenities. By extending you existing building, you do not have to deal with the stress of finding new schools, hospitals, shops, or other facilities close to your area. Moreover, you are not at a risk of adapting to the new lifestyle, neighbors, or friends.

  1. Maintain the historical value of your home 

Most of us do not support the idea of selling a house that was there long before with our ancestors. Besides, having lived in a house for long can make moving difficult due to the bond created with such a house. If you reside in such a house but feel the need to generate more space, a house extension works best. By extending such a house, you can maintain its historical value as you can live in it longer without having to move into a new house.

From the coverage above, it is clear that many benefits arise from extending your current living space. So, if you are in a mix-up of whether to extend your house or buy a new one, do let that confusion take the best part of you but extend your living space and gain the above benefits and much more.

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