Awesome Foyer Decor and design

Foyer is the empty space or the entrance hall in our homes. You might know the definition for the word but the reminder is to help you realize how important is to have an Foyer Decor in our home. Yes, first impression is the best impression and if you let the entrance hall in our place look unimpressive then however you design the other rooms in your home, they look completely waste of an effort for others. Even you would be feeling that something is missing from your dream home. To avoid such a situation, look at our best decoration ideas and decide on the best you wish to apply.


Into the Woods Design and decorate foyer in such a way that it looks and feels like you’re on picnic in the woods and enjoying the ambiance. Well, this is very easy just have the exterior walls covered with the rocky moldings and wooden ceiling. Let the area look into the greens like trees and bushes.

 Dogtrot Foyer In this design you add an exterior gate to your porch on the front with folding walls on the rear. This kind of design is called dogtrot that has two pens and a passage for the light and air to pass. This is the best way to decorate your porch in tropical way.

 Glass Firehouse Well, can you imagine a glass room with huge glass doors and windows with a fireplace in the middle? That’s the beauty of this design where you are being vintage and contemporary too. Add the wall paintings from the bygone era and then also use textures on walls that make it look elegant and pleasing to eye.

These are few Awesome Foyer Decoration ideas that you can implement at your home and make use of the empty space in a creative way.

Source: housebeautiful

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