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 The greatest Middle Eastern fantasy world of J.R.R Tolkien gave us film trilogies to remember in Hobbit series and Lord of the Rings series. The big castles and huge city designs in the films and books mesmerized us all. But we were swept right off our feet when we saw those well planned and constructed hobbit houses. Why not we live those beautifully small yet well built houses? Yes, we can construct our houses in the similar way too. Or even if we decide not to, it is better to have an option to explore as our summer or winter homes! So these are some ideas for Beautiful Hobbit Houses.

Underground House in Northern England Well there is a well-constructed hobbit house in Northern England along the mountain passes. The construction reminds us of the film in each and every manner. We can stay there with all the facilities and light. The underground houses are a great tourist attraction and you can spend your time as well as you please there.

 Australia’s Cobber Pedy This house is designed in the classic book style hobbit house with hay interiors and walls resembling the country houses. We can spend time with all the facilities available and you can also make sure that you enjoy the sun and get some tan.

 Earth Houses in Switzerland These are cool innovation by keeping the film in mind and also making it brilliantly contemporary. The houses are built into the mountains and well around a lake. They look more underground spaces and open as well.

These are few habitable hobbit houses that are open for tourists. You can visit them and decide on how you want to construct your own hobbit house!










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