7 TV Antenna Types For The Home

There are many types of antennas and dishes to accommodate different needs and situations. If you are looking for TV antennas for your home, you will need to think about your location and the surrounding area as this can affect the strength of the signal and quality of the reception.

If you are looking for an antenna for your TV wall mount, here are a few types you may want to look into:

  1. Outdoor antenna

As compared to indoor types, the outdoor antenna is larger and designed to pick up signals from a larger area. To get the best reception, outdoor antennas are typically installed on top of the roof or mounted on a pole at the highest point of the home.

  1. Indoor antenna

An indoor antenna provides an easy and convenient way to get TV signals. These antennas are usually propped up on top of the TV, shelf or entertainment center and plugged straight into the TV. However, because of where it’s installed, it is more prone to interference. The walls and other appliances could interfere with the signals.

  1. Directional antenna

A directional antenna is designed to collect all of the signals coming from a single direction. This is recommended for people living outside the city. The antenna can be pointed towards the city to collect the signals and available broadcasts.

  1. Multi-directional antenna

Multi-directional antennas basically work in the same way as directional types. The only difference is that instead of just one direction, this antenna can pick up signals from all directions. Indoor and outdoor antennas are also considered multi-directional as they are designed to collect signals from all around. These types of antennas are also good for people who travel around, like on an RV. The downside however is that the range is more limited.

  1. Digital HD antenna

If you own a high-definition TV, you need a digital HD antenna. A digital HD antenna picks up HD signals from nearby areas. In the event that no HD signals are available, the antenna can still pick up standard signals.

  1. Satellite dishes

Unlike the other types of antennas which pickup signals from the surrounding area, a satellite dish receives signals from a satellite in space. Expect to pay a monthly subscription fee to use these services. Homeowners have the option of installing the dish themselves and paying a subscription fee or hiring a technician to install it for them.

  1. Amplified antenna

Lastly, if signals are too weak for a typical antenna to pick up, you will need to use an amplifier to give the signals a boost. All of the previously mentioned antennas have an amplified version as well.

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