6 Top Reasons to Consider a Bathroom Renovation

Do you find yourself tackling perpetual leakages, cramped storage space, poor lighting and eroded tiling in your bathroom? Rather than dishing out hefty services charges for professional upkeep services every other week to piece your out-dated bathroom together, we suggest you invest in a complete restroom revamp. No, it is not going to cost you a fortune. Smart planning is all it takes. Besides, you would rather salvage the situation now than foot a big bill later.

So if you are experiencing some of the below issues, your bathroom may be displaying a desperate call for a facelift.

1.      Poor Storage Space


If you’re constantly knocking things down in your matchbox sized bathroom and feel the need to sort out your bathroom cabinets every other week, don’t ignore these tell-tale signs for a bathroom revamp. There are clever storage solutions that will optimize your bathroom space and give it an illusion of being a much larger space. Besides, new-age bathroom hardware is a lot more compact and sleek, throwing up a lot more space for your comfortable movement.

2.      Out-dated Hardware

Out-dated sinks, constant leaks, and damaged fixtures give an otherwise clean bathroom a rather unkempt and messy look. Not only is it a daily bother for you and other occupants, but older sanitary hardware also tends to require higher water supply than its modern counterparts. Besides, frequent leakages and hardware damage is a festering ground for mold and bacteria that only accentuate the damage and even harm your health. Don’t let it broken down hardware escalate to a bigger issue.

You can renovate your bathroom using extremely stylish and modern hardware at prices that are just as pleasing. Approach a smart plumbing and sanitary expert to get the ball rolling.

3.      Worn-out Plumbing


Worn-out plumbing is difficult to point at and first and hits you like a brick in the face one fine day. Look out for warning signs such as your toilet draining slowly, outlet leakages, unusually fast depleting water levels in your storage and rusty drip patches on walls. These signs should ring warning bells in your mind.

Ignoring plumbing issues can lead to larger problems such as blocked drains, electrical problem, ruined walls, and even major flooding. Don’t let plumbing wreak havoc with your bathroom and room interiors.

If your plumbing has been serving you for over 15-20 years, it calls for a revamp.

4.      Poor Energy Efficiency

Modern bathroom designs, fittings, and plumbing are a whole lot more efficient from an energy perspective than earlier. With new-age technology, elements such as lighting, water pumping, and even water usage can be improved and enhanced to facilitate huge cost efficiencies.

If you think your bathroom is not energy efficient, don’t wait on the renovation bill, and with good reason, for how much you save over time in terms of electricity and water bills will be much more significant than the cost that goes into giving your bathroom a refurbishment. Besides, energy efficiency also helps in doing your bit for the environment.

5.      Compromised Safety Measures

If you have experienced loosened shower outlets of a shaky sink, these are signs your bathroom is calling out for your attention. Not only do these issues lead to leakages and water wastage, but they can also pose to be a hazard to your safety should they give way while you’re using them. Chipped or loosened tiles can pose a test to your balance on a slippery floor, a situation you’re best left without.

Also, compromised safety measures in areas that involve water supply could even lead to electric shocks and fuse-outs. This could be critical for children and the elderly using the bathroom.

Don’t put anything before your safety. Give your bathroom a thorough makeover to jack up its visual appeal as well as the safety levels.

6.      Poor Aesthetics

We love all things vintage, but not when it comes to bathrooms. Giving your bathroom a facelift is sometimes all you need to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your room. Aesthetics include not just fancy fittings but also good lighting, a fresh paint job and also suitable bathroom décor.

Don’t let your guests judge your lethargic delay in renovating your bathroom to be a reflection of your bank balance. Not only will good aesthetics leave a lasting impression with your guests, but it will make those long bubble baths and scented showers a rejuvenation to reckon with in your new space.

So, how to know that you need a bathroom renovation?

Well, if your bathroom is displaying more than two of the above signs, it’s time you give renovation a serious thought. Invest your time in an economical and efficient facelift for your bathroom. We promise you will love every bit of it. Happy planning!

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