5 Best Ways to Soundproof your Home from Traffic and Other External Noises

For those living in major cities where traffic is always a nightmare know how it can be during rush hours and in other cities, this can run up to the whole day and night. That means 24 hours of pure torment.

I am a personal victim of its effects. Living in a university all by yourself comes a time when need arises and you need to provide for yourself without the help of your parents.

This is what drove me to move into a busier location where I had come across an opportunity in online writing so I moved closer to my employer for more opportunities. Little did I know that the pursuing of my extra pay had plunged me into a massive hole.

Concentrating on my work became hard since the house I lived in had very thin walls meaning we could hear all the car engines, vehicle sirens, honking and even passenger noises both those on foot or in vehicles. I had to research on methods on how to block the sounds. If you are a victim of these or just a victim of noise pollution, below are a few ways on which you can solve this problem and live a more silent peaceful life.

5 Best Ways to Soundproof your Home from Traffic and Other External Noises

1.Use Soundproof Curtains

After a tough day’s work all you need is just a nice shower, a sumptuous meal and an awesome night sleep. This is something that is hardly achieved in major traffic towns and cities. This is because with too much noise out there it means that there is a higher probability of sound penetrating through the walls, doors and windows.

Sound proof curtains are best suited for these situations. They are manufactured with a tough heavy material that makes it highly impervious to sound that means a warm nice quiet peaceful sleep for you to relax.

2.Use Soundproof Foams

In the case where you are in need to soundproof a room be it a music studio or just your room, the immediate idea that should pop up on your mind should be the acoustic foam.

Unlike how the name sounds, acoustic foam panels are quite cheap and even better quite easy to set up. But you should also bear in mind that not these foams are the same, to name a few:

  1. Smooth Acoustic Foam
  2. Egg Crate Acoustic Foam
  3. Combination Acoustic Foam
  4. Wedge Acoustic Foam

They all vary in both their shapes and their ability to absorb and obstruct sound that means a variety to choose from.

3.Soundproof the Windows

Walls and doors might be the core players when it comes to letting in sound but when it comes to distant sounds like from neighbors that aren’t next door or far traffic, the windows are the main contribution for letting the sounds in.

You can achieve this in various ways such as putting up a double pane glass acoustic window, adding another window from the inside, or building a removable plug. The plug can be removed during the day if light is required.

4.Soundproof the Floors

For those living in apartments every now and then end up arguing with either their upper or lower neighbor due to sound coming from the ceiling in most cases.

It is no always easy to convince the landlord to change the floor finishing and lay woods that absorb sound so the best other way to go about this is to buy carpets specified to absorb this sounds. Their prices vary in their sizes and design.

5.Soundproof Doors

In modern day homes doors have been constructed to be much lesser impervious to sound. Its logical that the door being the largest gap in the wall most noises from both the neighbors in the vicinity or noise from far get through here.

This is why it is advisable to replace these thin doors with thick solid doors or a much cheaper option, seal off the gaps might be holes on the door and also install door sweepers to block sounds from getting through from below.

A door sweeper is a small piece of rubber placed below the door as a sound proof. Other people use rags as sweepers. Though these rags are quite cheap they are not quite as effective and just like the name sounds not healthy. The best way advisable is to use the rubber since it’s not that expensive for someone in need of a peaceful silent comfort.


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