5 Bathroom Tiling tips from the Experts

When done right, a tiling project can turn out beautifully and really enhance a bathroom space. Mark down these expert tips for tiling and grouting from handyman experts themselves.


  1. Tiles are water resistant but grout is not

The glaze on the tiles is waterproof, which is great news for homeowners. Unfortunately, grout joints that connect the tiles are not. This is where a tile installation project can go from okay to horrible. Professionals say it is best to seal the grout and caulk any cracks in a timely manner before damage can occur.

  1. Gloss tiles are slippery

Tile choice is very important in a bathroom because it is likely that at any time, tiles may get wet. Gloss tiles are not recommended for counter tops or floors in the bathroom as they scratch easily and become very slippery when wet. Do your research and make an informed choice with tiles. Do not be afraid to ask questions while at the store and share your possible relocation plans. Sometimes when you mention that you plan on undergoing a home removal, the experts will be able to suggest a tile option best suited to match the general taste of prospective buyers.

  1. Ceramic tiles can be cold

Ceramic tile is a popular choice in bathroom tiling installation projects. Keep in mind that ceramic tiles maintain the temperature of the room. At times, ceramic tile can be very cold. If you are the type of person that cringes in colder temperatures, you should consider the cost and time of adding heated flooring before installing ceramic tiles.

  1. There are different types of sealers required

Depending on the area in the room, you want to use a different sealer for your tiles. In an area that becomes very wet, such as a tub or shower, you want to use a penetrating sealer. For other areas, such as a counter top or floor, you can use an acrylic water-based sealer.

  1. Stay neutral for re-sale value

While you may appreciate your colour-popping mosaic design, a future homeowner might find it unappealing. Give this some thought: should you ever want to undergo home relocation and decide to see your current home, a bad bathroom tile design is going to lead to a bad deal. By sticking to neutral colours, such as space-opening white, you increase the chances of one day re-selling your home and keeping a peace of mind about your removal with a great deal. Buyers want to picture themselves in their new home, before they begin a removal. What they don’t want is to pay money for a bathroom they don’t like, along with money for a moving company.

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