2016 Most Popular Bathroom Paints

What is the best way to color our home? Which is color is the best? Especially coloring a bathroom is not easy too. We don’t want people and ourselves unwelcoming when we enter a bathroom. Obviously it is the only where we can relive ourselves from huge burdens and problems. So what kind of colors will make us feel welcoming? What colors do people commonly use? These are the Bathroom Colors, take a look at them and choose wisely.

Soft Taupe

 Well when designing a bathroom and decorating it, you can choose warm and pleasant taupe color, which suits with, pinks and light greens in the room. This kind of a color will be great when you’re coloring the bathroom for kids and woman.

Ash Gray Many prefer sophisticated and cool looking gray. The color gives a better and bright color to the bathroom and the decoration would be great. Ash Gray would be giving you the feel of walking into the best sophisticatedly finished bathroom.

 Parchment Butterfly whites give lush depth warmth to the paint color. The best-sophisticated metallic accents and a pop of pink complete the palette with tranquil elegance.

Sea foam Green When we walk into the spa we are more in love with the ambient due to the sea foam green color. It gives a great refreshing feel to the bathroom giving a great relaxing feel to the person walking into it.

Clean White The traditional plain white is the best color to paint the bathroom wall. It looks great at the same time sophisticated.

These are the most popular bathroom colors that can be used for painting the bathroom well.











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