20 New Wedding Stage Decor Ideas for 2016

20 Wedding head

The center stage in any wedding is the most important aspect of a wedding. It is where the bride and groom say “I do” to each other. It is where they have their first dance and it is also where the whole family joins the betrothed couple on the dance floor and dances to the tunes of the hired musicians. Thus wedding stage are very very important to deck up the centre stage. Usage of, Colors, Flowers, Drapes and hangings lighting. Are a few ways by which the centre stage can be made to look really elegant and eye catching.

Wedding Stage Decor_10

Wedding Stage Decor_1

Wedding Stage Decor_2

Wedding Stage Decor_3

Wedding Stage Decor_4

Wedding Stage Decor_5

Wedding Stage Decor_6

Wedding Stage Decor_7

Wedding Stage Decor_8

Wedding Stage Decor_9 Wedding Stage Decor_11

Wedding Stage Decor_12

wedding Stage Decor_14

wedding Stage Decor_15

wedding Stage Decor_16

wedding Stage Decor_19

wedding Stage flower Decor_20

wedding Stage lighting Decor_17

Garden wedding Stage Decor_21

Garden wedding Stage Decor_22

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