20 New Cottage Style Kitchen design

Modern houses calls for modern kitchen styles and thus which other kitchen design shows off elegance and sophistication other than cottage style kitchens. These kitchen not only look really modern and beautiful but certain things like open shelving, which is usually mentioned or seen in children’s story books, can be set up in a cottage style kitchen.

  • Painted Cabinets
  • Handmade accessories, these kitchens can be easily accessorized with handmade accessories to make it all the more personal.
  • Use of wood, which is hardly seen anywhere nowadays thanks to marble flooring can be brought back to use in these kitchens are all parts of this kitchen style.

New Cottage Kitchen_10

New Cottage Kitchen_1

New Cottage Kitchen_2

New Cottage Kitchen_3

New Cottage Kitchen_4

New Cottage Kitchen_5

New Cottage Kitchen_6

New Cottage Kitchen_7

New Cottage Kitchen_8

New Cottage Kitchen_9

New Cottage Kitchen_11

New Cottage Kitchen_13

New Cottage Kitchen_14

New Cottage Kitchen_15

New Cottage Kitchen_16

New Cottage Kitchen_17

New Cottage Kitchen_18

New Cottage Kitchen_19

New Cottage Kitchen_20

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